Our Engines

Locust Power engines, ranging from 5 HP to 150 HP, are small, quiet, and are powered by all grades of heavy fuel, as well as natural gas. They start easily and are notably powerful for their size. The LTS10 engine weighs 12 pounds and can easily be held in your hands.

The function of a turbine engine is to convert the chemical energy in the fuel into mechanical energy. With the addition of a propeller this can be converted into thrust, with a generator electrical power can be created, and with a pump, hydraulic power can be created. A Locust Power turbine engine incorporates advanced proprietary technologies in its component parts that enable us to offer a very compact system. Our combustors are designed to release a large amount of heat in a small volume without impacting stability or turbine life. Our compact turbine and compressors allow us to achieve high component efficiencies in a very small package. Our high rotational speeds and compact generator designs, make it possible to integrate the starter/generator with the turbomachinery shaft resulting in a very compact and light weight design. All these technologies in one package result in a compact, lightweight, reliable, multi-fuel system that can enable engineers to design unique applications.