What started as a simple “ah-ha” moment ten years ago for one of our engineers became Locust Power; the developers of a proven, disruptive technology for high-speed mini-micro turbine engines. Locust Power engines can be used for a variety of applications in both the commercial and military markets.

     Locust Power technology is designed, developed, and tested by our long tenured engineers. The Locust Power premise is that by rotating our engines faster, the smaller and more powerful we can make them. The end result is a series of small micro turbine engine systems that can be used for a myriad of portable power solutions and for UAVs.

     Our engines are highly adaptable across a broad spectrum of applications. Our core competency is designing and producing a reliable power plant that is much smaller than traditional turbine engines. We seek partnerships with companies that will complement our expertise by providing solutions to existing unmet needs and by increasing the efficiency of existing electrical power and thrust applications.